Kitchen Double-Head Adjustable Measuring Spoon I Best Adjustable Teaspoon & Tablespoon Plastic Measuring Spoon I Baking Measuring Spoon For Liquids and Powders I Measure Sugar, Salt, Coffee, Powders, Oil, Seasoning

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A must-have Kitchen Tool РDouble-head Adjustable Measuring Spoon 


Estimated Delivery Date May 15, 2021 - May 27, 2021



  • All In One Measuring Spoon – You do not have to keep different sizes of measuring spoons in your kitchen drawer. One spoon will do the work of all. Hence reduces the clutter in the kitchen.
  • It reads from 5 ml – 13 ml or 5g – 13g and 1ml – 3.5ml or 1g – 3.5g
  • Very handy to measure sugar for your coffee and milk, Salt for your cuisines, or while baking a cake, etc.
  • There are grams and ml reading both on it so that you can easily measure powders and liquids both.
  • You can always keep a check on your sugar or salt intake. Your health is in your hand with this measuring spoon.


1 Clear Scale and clear dosage

2 Concave back, firm structure, and durable

3 Smooth edges show fine workmanship

4 9 Quantitative gears – Two scale marks in g and ml, to meet the measurement of different state of objects

5 Double head measuring spoon with two scales graduated on it. You can switch the required measurement easily.