Anti-Theft Multi-functional Cross Body Bag/ Backpack/ Shoulder Bag

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Perfect Everyday Bag/Short Trip Bag with the most advanced design.

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Estimated Delivery Date - May 14, 2021 - May 26, 2021
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Key Features –

  1. Anti Theft Feature – It has 3- digit lock. You can easily set your password and protect the undue opening of your bag by anyone.
  2. Scientific design – The design of the bag is its Unique property. It is designed in such a way that keeps a perfect balance between fashion, style, and convenience to use. It has convenient side pockets to make you fully organized even on the go.
  3. USB charging – The bag has a USB charging design which will keep you entertained and updated even on the go. Please note you have to prepare the battery.
  4. Waterproof – Material used is a high-quality waterproof material. Hence you can carry this bag in all seasons without giving any thought to it.
  5. Multi-pocket design – Shoulder strap, back zip pocket, USB design is all made carefully to make your experience comfortable. It looks compact yet it is spacious from within because of its design.
  6. Two-side wearing design of strap – Generally you must have had shoulder or neck muscle fatigue at any point in time while wearing your bag on an everyday basis or even for long hours. With this bag, you can easily change the side of strap from left to right or vice versa. This will help in reducing shoulder or neck muscle fatigue.
  7. Breathable back system- There is a breathable mesh and high-density foam at the back for your comfort.
  8. Size – 17 x 8 x 34 cm
  9. Weight – 0.5 kg
  10. Volume – 9.7″ Ipad
  11. Gender – Unisex

Please Note:

  1. There might be a slight difference in color because of the computer monitor settings
  2. Please allow 1 -3 cm difference in size
  3. FOR the USB charging function, you need to prepare the battery.

Package includes – 1 piece of bag

Shipping Time – Generally it takes 10 – 14 days of shipping in the USA  and almost 2 – 4 weeks outside the USA. But due to the pandemic, the logistics are taking more time. We expect your patience and understanding in this regard.

Refund Policy – If you are not satisfied with our product or if there is any manufacturing defect then we will refund your money. Rest assured.


















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