5 Size/Set Goatee Beard Shaving Template Stencil I Get a Perfect Symmetric Goatee Shape at Home With Ease I French Cut Beard Guide

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Get a Perfect Symmetric Goatee Beard in no time at home!!

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5 Sizes/ Set Goatee Trimmer Guiding Tool / Goatee Stencil/ Goatee Shaper / Guide to Shape Goatee in 2020 / Perfect Goatee/ Goatee Shaving Template


  1. Get a perfect symmetric Goatee in no time, with ease, at home. It reduces your shaving time. 
  2. Upgrade your shaving skills. It is an essential tool of your grooming kit. 
  3. Shape your Moustache and beard without any hassle. 
  4. It is a set of 5 different sizes that are designed in such a way that it will fit any face shape. You can choose your preferred size of the beard from the 5 different templates.
  5. It contains a round knob for a firm and steady hold on your face.

Ideal gift for men or any young boy who is new to shaving techniques.

Color Options – Blue and Transparent

Packing – 1 set with 5 different sizes of Goatee beard template



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Color Options

Blue, Transparent