100/200/400 Mesh Kitchen Ultra-Fine Nylon Mesh Strainer / Filter Spoon Sieve/ Yogurt Strainer, For Soy Milk, Coffee, Milk, Yogurt, Juice, Enzymes, Honey, Wine, Rice Milk, Tofu brain, Wine

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Ultra-Fine Mesh Nylon Kitchen Strainer – A Must-Have Kitchen Tool! 

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  • 200
  • 400
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Mesh Hole Details:

100: mesh size: 150 microns (μm). Suitable for filtering soy milk, juice, enzymes, honey, wine, etc.

200: mesh size: 74 microns (μm). Suitable for filtering milk, rice milk, tofu brain, etc.

400: mesh size: 38 micrometers (μm). Suitable for filtering fine wine, fine precipitation of cold wine, cold water precipitation, etc.



  • Suitable for filtering Soy Milk, Juice, Enzymes, Honey, Wine, Milk, Rice Milk, Tofu Brain, Fine Wine, Fine precipitation of Cold Wine, Cold Water precipitation, etc.
  • Mesh filters finely and evenly without leaving any impurities. It saves you time.
  • It is portable to use and has a non-slip handle. The handle has a hole for easy storage.
  • It is made of food-grade PP material and with Ultra-fine Nylon Filter
  • It is a must-have Kitchen tool.


Color: white

Material: Food grade PP material + ultra-fine nylon filter

Size: about 24*15cm/9.45*5.90in, internal diameter about 11cm/4.33in

Weight: about 50g

Packing List:

Ultra-fine Mesh Strainer*1

Additional information

Mesh Size

100, 200, 400